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The Art Walk - May 14


The Artist's Undertaking Gallery Exhibits

Lighthouses in Two Dimensions Exhibit - March 7 - April 4

Lighthouses in Two Dimensions Exhibit Lighthouses in Two Dimensions Exhibit


The Farmer's Market

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C&T Produce

Fat Thumb

Great Harvest


Zamora Produce from Westmorland

The Occoquan Spring Arts and Crafts Show


Occoquan Duck Splash

River Festival

Shops and Websites no longer in Historic Occoquan

The Three Story Tellers
This unique children's book boutique closed their doors on June 30th, 2011

My Bodyoga Spa
De Rubeen's Cafe
Miller's Lighthouse

The Oaks III

On July 4th, 2011, the HistoricOccoquan.com website posted the lower of the two following announcements.  The upper announcement was posted in January 2012.  The announcements represented an important impact to the town with a development which every town resident who attended the meeting on June 20th felt would do irreparable harm. 

However, despite standing room only in the Prince William County Board Of County Supervisors (BOCS) Board Chambers, with seats filled outside the chamber, the BOCS voted for the development.   Supervisor Corey A. Stewart stated after the vote that the development was needed to provide jobs within Prince William County.   - webmaster

HistoricOccoquan.com encourages everyone to attend the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) meeting on January 10 at 7:30 p.m., to oppose the Oaks III rezoning request.
The meeting is being held at:
Prince William County McCoart Administration Building
 Board Chambers
1 County Complex Court
Woodbridge, VA.

At this meeting, the future of the Town of Occoquan, as we know it today, is expected to be decided by the BOCS by their decision about property along the western edge of Tanyard Hill Road outside of town boundaries.  The developer never consulted with the town before submitting plans to the County and the Planning Commission.  After learning of the project late in the process and realizing its likely negative impact on the town, the Town Council of Occoquan adopted a resolution opposing the rezoning (see below).  
The Town Council and members of the town community firmly believe that this development will exacerbate the severe storm water impact on the town as the property is part of the Ballywhack Creek watershed which flooded the town earlier in the year.  It is also believed that this commercial development will significantly impact the cut-through traffic in Occoquan as the one and only exit from the commercial property will be on Tanyard Hill Road.

On June 20th, a special meeting was held at Town Hall by the Town Of Occoquan Town Council which allowed the developer behind a proposed development named Oaks III to present plans for this project to the Town.  The proposed development is at the corner of Tanyard Hill Road and Old Bridge Road not far from the Occoquan Town limits. 

The proposed development will remove the current scenic Tanyard Hill Road view and place the only exit and one of two entrances to a 32,500 square foot office building and associated parking lot onto Tanyard Hill Road.

The Vettra Company of Woodbridge, VA  prepared a "Traffic Impact Analysis for Oaks III" for Clipper II Associates, L.P. of Lancaster, Virginia that was presented to Prince William County and on page 21 in the Conclusion Section it states that:

"...the proposed development of "The Oaks III" commercial project will not significantly impact the area network and can be easily accommodated within the future road network."

For those who drive along Tanyard Hill Road and are aware of the current evening rush hour traffic congestion, you may want to let your representative know your opinion of this report.

The full report is available in Town Hall for your review or you can simply click on the link above.

Please note that the Town of Occoquan opposes this development and voted on a resolution requesting that the Prince William County Board of Supervisors vote against the development.

Having attended the June 20th meeting and listened to the Developer's Presentation, HistoricOccoquan.com and BAR-3 Enterprises also opposes this development.

Residents of Prince William County and the Town of Occoquan are encouraged to express their views of this development to the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.  You can contact PWC Planning Office, regarding this development by using #PLN2010-00457, The Oaks III on the case name and number field.

A copy of the Prince William County Staff Report concerning Rezoning #PLN2010-00457, The Oaks III, is available online and page B-15 is of special interest to commuters who travel Tanyard Hill Road.

The Town of Occoquan Preservation Society has created a document entitled:
Tips for Writing Letters to Politicians to assist you in making the best impact when you contact your representative.





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