Historic Occoquan Historic Town

About this Month's Masthead 

In celebration of Winter in Occoquan, the masthead this month is devoted to some scenes in the town shot during previous winter seasons.

Picture descriptions of the shops going from left to right

  • A view up Tanyard Hill Road
    Tanyard Hill Road as seen after a winter storm.  This road is but one of three roads that lead to the Town of Occoquan.  It is also the only road without a signal light.  It is much used by rush hour traffic as part of a cut through from Gorden Blvd, through the town and down Tanyard Hill Road to Old Bridge Road.  On January 10th the Prince William County Board of County Commissioners will be voting on a proposal which will forever change the town and this road.
  • The Welcome Sign into Historic Occoquan
    At the corner of Commerce and Washington Streets, the welcome sign greats visitor's to the Town Of Occoquan.  It is also in Front of Mom's Apple Pie and across the street from the Coffee House of Occoquan
  • Snow covered Gazebo
    The roof of the Gazebo in Mamie Davis Park covered in snow.
  • Famous Occoquan Lamp post
    This is just one of several gas lamps that are located in the Historic District in the Town of Occoquan
  • Red Cardinal
    The Town of Occoquan is a bird sanctuary.  This picture of a red cardinal was taken after a very heavy snow storm. 
  • It was the Coffee House of Occoquan and is now Third Base!
    The back entrance to Third Basee.  While the Coffee House of Occoquan was known for its Hot Chocolate, Third Base is keeping on the tradition and has a very good Hot Chocolate.
  • Spinaweb
    Spinaweb is famous the world over for it's fine specialty weaving.  Fortunately for us, they have a lot of items that help keep people warm when it's cold outside.  The weaving is performed in the shop.
  • Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers
    Brenda Root Monn of Jerry's Occoquan Jewelers is caught in this picture doing her part to keep the side walks of Occoquan clear of snow after a severe snow storm.
  •  The Mill House Museum
    Located at the end of Mill Street, the museum is jam packed with history of the Town and has loads of information.
  • Town Hall
    The location of many action packed Town Hall meetings Town Hall is located at the corner of Mill and Ellicott Streets.
  • The Golden Goose
    It is forever Christmas at the Golden Goose located at the corner of Mill and Union Streets
  • The Occoquan Post Office
    They were open when this shot was taken.  Enough said.
  • Famous Occoquan Lamp Post and Snow Covered Gazebo
    This show provided a nice view of the famous lamp post and the gazebo in Mamie Davis Park in the background.
  • A view of Tanyard Hill Road
    One final shot of this road that is used by so many















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